New and Improved Literature Explorer Available - TACCIMO is excited to announce the availability of a beta version of the literature explorer application. The new verion offers improved functionality for users and a streamlined content management system that will enable developers to add new literature more quickly. The current version of TACCIMO will remain available during beta testing, but only the new beta version will reflect literature updates effective June 1, 2014.
The Template for Assessing Climate Change Impacts and Management Options (TACCIMO) is a web-based tool that connects forest planning to current climate change science. The formation of TACCIMO was rooted in the need for a standardized, credible, and concise science delivery tool relevant to forest planning and management.

What TACCIMO Delivers - Access to the most current climate change projections and science, including the likely range of projected future climate for any state, county, or National Forest and dynamically linked peer-reviewed scientific statements describing effects and management adaption options. For Forest Service users, TACCIMO additionally connects climate change science with relevant planning language. TACCIMO Flow Chart
Who Should Use TACCIMO - Federal, state, and private land managers with diverse information needs related to climate change. Certain content is developed specifically for USDA Forest Service planners to assist with climate change analysis for projects and forest plan revisions.
Who Is Developing TACCIMO - USDA Forest Service scientists from both the Eastern and Western Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Centers and forest planners from the Southern and Pacific Southwest Regions of the National Forest System.

Getting Started in TACCIMO:
TACCIMO Overview Video Provides general overview of the TACCIMO application.
TACCIMO Factsheet Provides a downloadable factsheet covering key aspects of TACCIMO.
How to Use TACCIMO Comprehensive User Guide, Quick Start Guides, and set of short introductory videos.
Content Sources Current list of peer-reviewed Content Sources included in TACCIMO.
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